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What Should I Include in My Custom Kitchen Island?

We bet a custom kitchen island is at the top of your kitchen renovation wish list.

And for a good reason. Kitchen islands are the multi-purpose dream piece that can make your entire kitchen more user-friendly and more attractive.

But there is a tiny problem: with so many island features available, it becomes overwhelming trying to pick what ones you can’t live without.

How do you choose what you should include in your custom kitchen island?


A kitchen renovation is your chance to get the custom kitchen island you’ve always wanted. Springwood Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

First: Think About The Purpose of Your Island

It’s very important to look at any renovation in its totality.

If you are doing a significant kitchen renovation, start with a blank slate. Ask yourself: what do I want in my kitchen?

Do you want a built-in pantry, or perhaps a designated dining area? What about multiple ovens for those big family meals?

Your answers could impact the function of your island.

What Should I Get in My Custom Kitchen Island?

Your kitchen island can take on many roles. Part of the challenge – and the fun – is deciding what role yours should fulfill. That will determine what kind of features you should include.

1. A Preparation Sink

If you’re an avid chef, a preparation sink can be an amazing addition to your kitchen island.

You’ll already have some extra prep space: adding a sink will greatly enhance your workflow by allowing you wash and chop without having to relocate.

Tip: If you don’t want to go with a full-size kitchen sink, you can add a smaller, but no less useful, bar sink.


A sink like this seamlessly works with the countertop – and accessories like the basket make it a great asset for prep work. Beaverwood Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

2. Seating

For many people, islands are a meeting place for friends and family to sit and chat.

Before you know it, your island is the new hip social spot. That means you’ll want great seating.

You have a lot of choices for seating.

  • Traditional dining chairs
  • Bar stools
  • Bench seating

Depending on how often you’ll be sitting there, you should consider what kind of style and materials will be most appropriate.

For example, if you dine there every night, you’ll want chair with a strong, supportive back. If you just eat at your island occasionally, minimalist stools that can tuck in out of sight will be a better option.

There are a lot of choices, but don’t panic: we can help with this too.


These comfy high-backed chairs make dining at the island relaxing and enjoyable. Greely West Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

Tip: Whatever you use your kitchen island for, you’re going to need the right lighting >

3. Bar Fridge

Bar fridges are becoming more and more popular for home chefs. Including the bar fridge in your island is great space-saver, and makes entertaining that much more convenient.

4. Drawers – Lots of Drawers

Storage space is king in kitchen renovations. That’s why we advise homeowners to add drawers, drawers, and more drawers to their custom kitchen island.

Drawers offer the easy access cabinets just can’t, and they’re a breeze to organize.

Imagine having to get down on your hands and knees to scrounge around in the back of a cabinet for the mixing bowls. Not a pleasant image. Drawers are much more user-friendly.

Trust us: when it comes to drawers, you can never have enough.


With the right organizational tools, your drawers can become the best thing about your island. Goodman Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

5. Electrical Outlets

A kitchen renovation is a great time to update your kitchen gadgets. And those shiny new toys need a place to plug in.

Electrical outlets are a must-have according to the Ontario Building Code. It’s an incredibly convenient requirement that makes meal prep so much easier.

If you include some storage space for your smaller appliances, your island becomes even more prep-friendly. We recommend making a list of all the appliances you have – or have on your wish list – so we can design storage that works perfectly.


Electrical outlets are the required feature you can’t believe you lived without. McClellan Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations

6. Microwave

If the perimeter of your kitchen is strained for space, there are some interesting kitchen islands designs that can incorporate your microwave.

This is convenient for baking and meal prep, as you won’t have to leave your island area to use it.

We can create a design where the microwave and the island work together, so you still get the look you want.


A nice stainless-steel finish will go well with most materials in your island. You can even add matching hardware for a cohesive look. Cimarron Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

7. Dishwasher

It’s not a common choice, but it’s a pretty clever one. We’ve had people put their dishwasher in their island in order to increase the overall functionality of their kitchen.

This makes a lot of of sense if you’re main sink is going to be included in your island. You don’t want to have to transfer dishes from the sink across the kitchen to the dishwasher when it could be right by your side. Including your dishwasher in the island makes it a one-stop shop for your kitchen clean-up.

8. Detailing

Lastly, keep in mind that the island usually becomes a focal point in the kitchen.

By adding some decorative detailing, you can really make that island pop. An island that pops will visually enhance the whole kitchen space.

Some ways to add decorative details include wainscoting, open shelves, carved details, or multiple materials.


This L-shaped kitchen island uses multiple materials and colours to divide it into different areas and functions. Those traditional blue table legs are eye-catching! Moorecroft Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

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Let’s get started on making your kitchen island dreams come true.

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