All About Quartz Countertops

Arguably the most durable material for countertops, quartz is composed of natural quartz stone pieces, mixed together with resin, polymers and pigments. Technology has enabled us to create quartz countertops that can mimic natural granite and marble with lots of movement, veining and random patterning. Or, for a smoother appearance, the granite pieces are finely ground which allows for a sleek, clean look. This versatility makes it a great option for any design style. Because it’s manufactured, the colours are very consistent, which is helpful when selecting colour choices for a whole room ahead of time.

gray and white custom kitchen with quartz countertops


  • Easy to maintain, doesn’t require regular sealing
  • Non porous, stain resistant, crack resistant, extremely durable
  • Available in multiple thicknesses, allowing it to be used in many applications; countertops, shower surrounds, walls, fireplace surrounds and so much more.
  • Several brands of quartz can contribute to LEED certification as they do not off-gas or contain any VOC’s.


  • Can be more expensive than some types of granite, however, it’s less expensive than exotic granite
  • Quartz is heat resistant, however, it’s possible to discolour the resin with high heat

quartz countertops

Take a peek at our favourite brands, Cambria and Caesarstone

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