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Photo Diary of a Kitchen Renovation

Follow The Westwoods’ journey as they go through a Kitchen Renovation – before, during and after…<

1. The Initial Consultation

The Westwoods wanted our professional expertise to make their dreams a reality. The layout and functionality worked, so the focus was to update the look.

We set up a time at the showroom to go over their needs, wants, priorities, goals, what they are looking for in a company and of course their likes and dislikes. Before meeting, we encourage our clients to check out websites such as Houzz  and Pinterest to begin generating ideas.

If you haven’t already,  check out our article “Planning For Your Renovation Using Houzz and Pinterest” . Make sure to share your favourite images with your designer, as they will be able to decipher your style, and get a good sense of which direction to take the design. 

The Westwoods fell in love with this photo for its ingenuity, they loved the unique way the cookbooks were displayed, so they asked us to somehow incorporate it into their kitchen. 

Westwood Web photosBook rack beside fridge
2. The Working Session

We set aside time in our showroom to get to know one another and delve into the details more about the project. This was an interactive meeting; together we made a mess of the showroom looking at the different options including backsplash, countertops, flooring, etc…which was all part of the fun! 

3. The First Site Visit 

In this case, the designer and renovation expert went on site to take measurements of the space and determine the possibly of removing the wall separating the living room and the kitchen.

When a design includes adding an island or planning a space with tighter clearances we often suggest to our clients that they map out the area with painters tape or boxes to get a sense of the size and remaining space. In this case the Westwoods came up with the brilliant idea of marking out the area of wall that was to be removed, to see how their space was going to flow afterwards.

4. Design Phase

After multiple meetings,and some intense decision making on the client’s behalf the designer is able to pull together the final design. Including the material & finish selections, the technical & working drawings and perspectives in order to communicate the final design.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.22.52 PM

5. Project Execution

A. Prep Work

Once we get the green light, and all the materials have been ordered. We prep the space to reduce the dust spreading to other areas of the home, and protect your home from being damaged. This includes floor protection, dust barrier, furniture protection etc…

B. Demolition 

Do not panic! We promise to put it all back together before we leave! As excited as you are for the project to get going, the overwhelming feeling of knowing you will be without a kitchen for a little can put some clients off. We try our best to make this as painless as possible. 

The Westwoods made the most of their kitchen renovation by camping out and making a make-shift kitchen in their basement. Head over to our blog “How To Survive Without A Kitchen” for some helpful tips. 

C. Progress, Progress, Progress!

The Copperstone team works together to transform the space, bringing the design to life.

6. After: The Reveal

The Westwoods are overjoyed with the results of their kitchen renovation, which makes us extremely happy! By adding stacked glass upper cabinets, new finishes, and removing a wall, the transformation is undeniable. Everything came together and really set the stage for the magnificent piece of live edge countertop. 

Westwood Web photosWestwood Final 6-3-16 5733

 Westwood Web photosWestwood Final 6-3-16 5747

Here you can see our take on the cookbook display. Featuring a smaller version of the live edge and gallery railing. 

*Customer names have been used with permission


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