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Kitchen Cabinets vs. Drawers – What Should I Get?

The more kitchens you have, the more you learn about what works and what doesn’t for your needs.

Now you’re renovating your kitchen, and you want to create a design and layout that makes using your kitchen more convenient and more enjoyable.

This includes taking a look at your kitchen cabinets.

Typical kitchens will have upper shelved cabinets with doors, and that will always work best for light items like glassware. You can even turn them into a display piece with glass-fronted doors.

But what about the cabinets down below?


Drawers of all shapes and sizes are popping up in new kitchens. Whitaker Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations

For Your Base Cabinets, Drawers Are Convenient and On-Trend

One of the challenges so many of our clients have with their current kitchen is that their base cabinets and kitchen island just aren’t practical.

Tons of space goes unused simply because it’s unreachable. And how many times have you had to pull out all your pots and pans from a shelf just to get the one thing you need?

Design sites like Houzz feature tons of kitchens using drawers in creative ways, and we’ve had many clients opt for more drawers in their renovation. If you’re interested in incorporating current trends into your kitchen, this is a popular one.


Drawers can make everything from putting away dishes to finding the right mixing bowl easier. Wyndale Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations

Drawers for Base Cabinets Maximize Your Space and Give You Easy Access to the Things You Need

With drawers, you can access everything with one fluid motion. That means no crouching down and pulling things out, or spending 5 minutes disassembling your cupboards trying to reach the dark side of the moon (AKA the back of the shelf).

Now you can take advantage of those previously hard-to-reach places and virtually eliminate cabinet space waste because you have ergonomic, easy-to-use drawers that literally slide out to meet you.


Even corners become more useful with the right drawers. Roseglen Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations

They’re Better for Heavy Items

Whether you’re a casual cook or a regular chef, you’ve got a set of pots and pans. When stored together, all that weight really adds up.

Drawers are perfect to store your heavy cookware because you don’t have to stretch up to grab those weighty items. This is safer for both you and your more fragile items like glass cooking dishes.

Specialty Inserts Make Drawers More Multi-Purpose

Have you ever thought about storing your plates and bowls in a drawer? With specialty inserts, it’s not only possible, but convenient.

You can get drawer inserts for things like:

  • Cutlery
  • K-Cups for Keurigs and other pod coffee machines
  • Spices
  • Dishes
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Knife blocks

Whatever you want to store, there’s an insert that will let you do it in a kitchen drawer.


You can even design a drawer within a drawer – these homeowners separated their lids and containers to reduce the chaos of typical tupperware drawer. McClellan Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations

You Can Also Opt for Pull-Outs for Small Appliances

Many people love the practicality of nice, deep, well-organized drawers but prefer the vertical lines and look of a cabinet door.

In that case, you could incorporate a pull-out or two into your new kitchen. Pull-outs look like standard shelved cabinets, but the shelves are able to pull out like drawers.

The difference is that many pull outs don’t have the depth that drawers do. They make a great place for your small appliances like blenders or mixers.

If you do decide to incorporate doors and pull outs, it’s important to make sure that the doors open wide enough to allow the action to take place.


This pull-out makes it easy to grab a heavy mixer or food processor when you need it. Royal Orchard Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations

In the Case of Kitchen Cabinets vs. Drawers, the Winner is Up to You

As you may have noticed, we love drawers – we don’t think you can ever have enough! But when it comes to the case of kitchen cabinets vs. drawers for your base cabinets, the winner is up to you.

The way your kitchen is going to be used will play a big role in determining your design. That’s where your Copperstone designer comes in.

It’s our job to take your wishlist and create a design that will work best for you – and look great at the same time. You may need all drawers, or need a nice mix of drawers and shelves.

That’s the great thing about a custom kitchen renovation – the choice is up to you.

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