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Can I Move My Kitchen Sink?

Whether you’re in charge of cooking or doing the dishes, you spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink.

Unless you built the house yourself, chances are you’ve thought about moving that sink once or twice.

Maybe you’d like it under the window for a better view, or create a layout that just makes more sense for you.

Now that you’re renovating your kitchen, you can finally ask the question out loud: can I move my kitchen sink?


It’s important that your sink placement makes sense with the layout of your kitchen. Wyndale Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

Yes, You CAN Move Your Kitchen Sink

You can always move a kitchen sink. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s expensive. It all depends on the current layout of your kitchen, your plumbing, and your budget.

You’ll want to talk to a licenced plumber – or a renovator like us that works regularly with a licensed plumber – right away.

One of the biggest challenges when you move a kitchen sink is drain venting – this allows water in the sink to drain properly. This requires the venting stack to be tied into the drain. There are building codes we’ll have to follow to make this happen.


A lot of people choose to incorporate their sink – and even their dishwasher – into their new islands, making the space even more functional. Springwood Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

Aside from that, it’s just a matter of running hot and cold water lines and the drain to the new sink location. This is generally done through the floor, which means if the ceiling is finished on the floor below there will be fixes required to that ceiling.

The plumbing will be “capped” at the old sink location, and run to the new location. Once the new cabinetry and sink are installed, the plumbing is connected and viola: you have your sink in a brand new spot!

The big question is: how much will this cost, and is it worth it? Each renovation is different. We can walk through your options and help you make a decision about what’s best for your kitchen renovation.


Sink placement has a lot to do with creating a functional layout – but we also try to give you the best view possible. Goodman Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

If You Decide Not to Change Locations, a New Sink May Do the Trick

If you really don’t like your sink placement, but can’t move it for technical, financial, or aesthetic reasons, you may want to look at simply replacing your sink.

A fresh new design with better function could make you fall in love with your sink and surrounding layout all over again.

There may be size constraints, but we recommend spending some time looking at sink manufacturers and their websites. They have tons of models and sizes to choose from, and you’ll find the perfect solution in no time.


You can make your new sink even more functional (and fun to use) with the right faucet. Check out the hardware this sink is sporting! Royal Orchard Project, Copperstone Kitchens and Renovations.

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There’s more to a kitchen than just your sink – it’s the heart of your home. And we want you to love it.

At Copperstone, we can make your kitchen transformation as easy and stress-free as possible, thanks to our turnkey design and renovation services. You’ll work with us, our designers, and our trusted renovation team from start to finish.

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