Our team helps you navigate the sometimes overwhelming renovation and design process using our collective expertise and experience. Our goal is to make the renovation process as easy as possible by resourcing and managing the entire project from conception, through construction, to final completion. During the process, you will work closely with your designer, project coordinator and installation manager to ensure your project’s success.

Meet our Team

  • Bucket List: Macchu Picchu Trek
  • Thing I can’t live without: My dogs.
  • Favourite Quote: Not all who wander are lost. J.R.R Tolkein


Renovation Estimator

Born and raised in Ottawa, Alex has been working in the construction Industry for the last decade. He has had a hand in some of the most unique projects in Ottawa from the Parliament west block rehabilitation to the Ingenium building in the east end. From this Alex is able to bring a unique perspective and vision to Copperstone. BUT, Alex’s true passion is exploring this big blue marble we all live on called Earth. He began travelling very young and tries to go to a different destination every year. His travelling motto is "Be everywhere once before being anywhere twice".

  • One item on my bucket list: go to space
  • I’m famous for making: Ribs
  • My coffee preference is: two cream


Production Team Member

If you want to put a smile on Daniel’s face just ask him about his young daughter. He is the proudest father you’re going to run into. Just don’t ask him about her when he is supposed to be working… He also lives by the motto (taken from a great movie) “do or do not, there is no try”. When Daniel has a task in front of him, he will do whatever it takes to get it done, and done without call backs.

  • I can't live without: Spice
  • My coffee preference is: Guatemalan Dark Strong
  • One item on my bucket list is: Learn to fly planes


Production Site Manager

Ernesto was born and raised in Guatemala City and immigrated to Canada in 1991. As much as he loves living in Canada, he also loves going back “home” to visit his Guatemalan family. He has four grown children, 3 of which reside here in Canada, and 1 lives back in Guatemala. If he is ever to make a meal for you, be sure to ask for his fabulous Guacamole.

  • My Coffee Preference: Italian Espresso
  • I can’t live without: Music
  • I’m famous for making: Chocolate Salami


Design Team Member

Eugen was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania where he began his design career. His projects quickly spread to both residential and commercial projects around Europe. In 2020 he and his family decided to take a big step and move to Canada to enjoy all that it has to offer. When not focused on his design activities, and on his active family life, Eugen is busy creating music (his other passion). Eugen is a man with many stories to tell.
  • My favorite Ice Cream Flavour is: Anything Chocolate related
  • I can’t live without: Knitting
  • My coffee preference is: Tea


Design Team Member

Lindsey loves design and the creation of beautiful, highly functional spaces. She's held various positions within Copperstone for almost 20 years and enjoys tackling new challenges. When she's not at Copperstone, you might find her taking her puppy on a walk, curling up with some knitting, or getting her hands dirty doing some goldsmithing. Lindsey trained as a goldsmith and enjoys designing and physically creating things from time to time.

  • Favourite movie character is Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Guilty Pleasure - Reading a history book while sipping grand marnier
  • Bucketlist - Visit Rome (I love history), or Dive the Great Barrier Reef



Mark is passionate about people. As an introvert you may need to look below the surface, but everything in the company centers around people. After spending 19 years in high tech, and then purchasing Ottawa Windows and Doors, Mark found his niche - starting and running businesses where a service to people is key. His wife of 41 years still wonders when he will "get a real job", but he enjoys being an Entrepreneur and his chief skill is hiring great people. When he isn't running Copperstone, he is working with other entrepreneurs, locally and around the world, through his leadership roles in the Entrepreneurs' Organization. He loves traveling, and SCUBA diving - it's a wonderful world under the sea...

  • Sports team: Senators
  • Best design: Herringbone Hardwood
  • Obsessions: My grass, campfires and tearing a roof off a house


Production Team Member

Matt gained considerable skills working alongside his father for many years. As a matter of fact, that’s how Copperstone first met Matt and saw firsthand the incredible flooring work that he could do. Once his father chose to retire, Copperstone stepped in and scooped him up. Now he continues doing his amazing work as part of a larger team. In his free time, Matt enjoys grilling and devouring vanilla ice cream. His paint colour of choice might be ocean blue, but you’ll find a pink booster seat and princess stickers in the back seat of his truck.

  • Design Tip - When you have an obstacle - make it a feature
  • Famous for Cooking - Spicy Cajun shrimp
  • Bucketlist - Eat again in Thailand


Honorary Team Member

It is with sadness that Copperstone lost the services of Norm on July 26, 2023 due to his sudden death. He was a very valued member of the Copperstone team for many years and is missed by the team and our many clients that he worked with day in and day out. He will be remembered for all the ways he contributed for so many years. May he rest in peace and we thank him for all he has done for each one of us.
  • My favorite Movie Character is: Jack Sparrow
  • My favorite quote: No worries
  • I’m famous for making this dish: Sushi


Production Team Member

Q originally comes from Bermuda. He arrived in Canada in 2012 (we’re all trying to figure out whether he knew the differences in temperatures), and became a Canadian citizen in October 2018. This was a proud moment for him and his family. Q has a passion for cooking and if he wasn’t involved in the renovation trade, he would for sure be a chef. Q is the proud father of 4 children and very proud grandfather to 2.5 grandchildren (1 is “on the way”).

  • My Favorite Paint Colour: Hunter Green from Benjamin Moore
  • My Best Vintage Find: My entire camera collection
  • My Guilty Pleasure is: True Crime Podcasts


Project Facilitator

Born and raised in Ottawa, Rachel has always had a passion for all things creative from performance arts to visual arts. Through set design she figured out what her passion was. After taking Interior Decorating at Algonquin College and learning the workings of design/decor, she is excited to learn all the background aspects that go into making a project work!

  • Ice cream flavour: Cookie Dough
  • Ideal travel destination: Istanbul
  • Favourite colour: Fuchsia


Project Manager

Reema was born and raised in Ottawa. Throughout school, she enjoyed taking art classes. This developed into a love of the Visual Arts which she enjoys dabbling in as a hobby. When she isn’t busy and surrounded by friends and family, she loves spending time immersed in nature. In fact, she can’t wait to one day visit the Grand Canyon. As a hobby, she enjoys volunteering for not-for-profit cultural organizations.

  • Favorite Ice Cream: Oreo
  • Place I’d like to visit: Australia
  • Bucket List Item: See Hula dancing in person


Production Team Member

Richard was born and raised in Jamacia to a family that was very involved in all aspects of construction. It’s almost like he was born with a hammer in his hand and he was put to good use while growing up by his father and uncles. In his late 20’s he came to Canada and settled in Ottawa (could it be the wonderful weather???). He has 5 adult children, most of which live in Canada. Family is very important to Richard, and he talks to his mother in Jamacia on a very regular basis. He enjoys looking at hard carpentry problems and figuring out the best solutions to them.

  • One item on my bucket list is: Fly-in fishing trip to Northern Saskatchewan
  • The website I visit most is: New York Times daily Wordle challenge
  • My coffee preference is: McDonalds Americano black (often times with a shot of Espresso)


Project Manager

Stan has been working off and on in the construction industry for going on 38 years, from running his own Reno company to building new homes. Ottawa born but loves the east coast. He’s a very family oriented individual who believes a man’s word is his bond and reputation. To get away from it all, you’ll find him in a boat or up in a tree stand trying his luck against nature

  • Favorite paint colour: Dragonfly AF-50
  • Current obsession: Steel Tongue Drumming
  • Bucket List Item: Learn to fly a helicopter


Design Team Member

Suzanne brings over 30 years of award-winning design experience to Copperstone. Over the years she has been a published columnist in the Ottawa Citizen and various renovation magazines. As one of Ottawa's Fab4 Designers she has appeared as a Guest Designer on TV's - 'Room to Grow' backyard makeovers. Her creative helpful approach to architectural design of small to whole-house projects along with her fun-natured approach educates clients on everyday functionality, guided processes, and the use of appropriate materials for any budget. On many summer mornings you can find Suzanne thoroughly enjoying "sunrise kayaking" on the glassy calm waters of the Rideau River.

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