All About Granite

A natural beauty, granite is mined from all over the world and every slab is unique. Even slabs of the same variety can look different when taken from a different spot from the same quarry. This naturally occurring material comes in all kinds of colour combinations and a variety of pattern sizes. Some have large veining, and others finer, more consistent patterning, lending itself to a variety of design styles. Because of this variation, it is always important to select your own slabs in person so you can be sure the colouring will complement your finishes. Granite is very durable, and will stand the test of time given proper care.


  • With granite being a natural material, there are always interesting areas in the countertops. Areas with different colouring, patterning, veining or swirl movement all add to the character in the room.
  • It’s an ideal material for a variety of applications; countertops, backsplash, shower surrounds, fireplace, walls etc.
  • Easy to clean with mild dish soap.
  • The cost varies. There are many granite options that are a lower price point than quartz, although the exotic granites are more expensive.


  • Granite is porous and can stain when spills are left sitting. Sealing regularly will minimize this.
  • It’s important to always use a trivet when placing anything hot on the countertop. Being a natural material, granite can have hidden weak points when exposed to sudden temperature changes and, in rare cases, can crack.

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