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5 ½ Reasons Why You Should Choose a Design-Build Firm (Updated for 2020)

Are you planning a home renovation? Consider hiring a design-build company to plan and carry out your remodel. What does design-build mean? When you choose a design-build service, your entire project will be taken care of by that service, from the design phase to the final painting and polishing. You sign only one contract and you deal with only one company.

Hi! Mark here, owner of Copperstone Kitchens & Renovations. FULL DISCLOSURE: we are a design-build renovator, but that’s not the only reason why I recommend this type of full-service operation. In fact, I’ve come up with 5 ½ more ways you will benefit. (Why 5 ½? Well, I love to have the last word!)

Here they are:

Top 5.5 Reasons to Choose a Design-Build Firm

1. Consistency

When you visit a renovation website or showroom as a client, you are invited to dream. But if you don’t want the dream to dissipate as soon as you wake up, you’d better have an experienced guide!

Trust me when I say you NEED someone to follow your project from the first brainstorming session, straight through to the finishing touches. Who should that someone be?

Actually, that someone ought to be a team, including a designer or architect, a project manager, and a contractor (who may employ subcontractors such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, and so on). Cooperation and consistency among the team members is essential throughout the process. And design-build firms are the ideal place for those qualities to flourish.

2. Clear, Ongoing Communication

You know the expression “It takes a village”? Well, when you’re remodelling a home, I think it’s closer to a large metropolitan city!

The renovation team you choose will be doing so much communication among themselves, it’s truly unbelievable. There is paperwork galore, meetings galore, emails galore, online coordinating galore … and that’s BEFORE demolition even begins.

It is crucial to communicate not only within the team, but also with you, the client. Design-build services ensure that you are in the loop about everything, making certain every design, measurement, and material meets with your satisfaction.

3. Teamwork

While it’s difficult to explain exactly what happens behind the scenes of a renovation, we can once again compare it to a city, with bus routes, subway lines, highways, sidewalks, bike paths, all of which have to intersect correctly without messing up traffic or causing accidents.

Similarly, your renovation project will involve designers, schedulers, project/installation managers, skilled installers, service people, and more. “Traffic” will flow much more smoothly when you hire a design-build company that is capable of navigating all those pathways, with few to NO accidents.

4. Experience & Skill

For clients, it’s so difficult to tell who has the level of experience and skill you want. Photos and showrooms help, seeing and touching the work helps, but what you really should check for is reviews from satisfied customers. Look for past clients who are proud and happy to describe the work that’s been done in their homes – for example, an attractive and practical new kitchen or perhaps renovations to prepare for ageing in place. Then you KNOW that this is the right design-build team for you.

5. One Stop Shop

We human beings love to shop on the internet. Why? Because we don’t have to get up; everything is at our fingertips.

Using a design-build firm allows this type of “one-stop shopping” format. You have the benefit of the whole range of renovation specialists you need, all in one convenient place. No essential detail, such as pulling permits, will get lost in the shuffle.

5 ½. Mark’s Last Word

Much as we love shopping on the web, that experience lacks something.

It lacks interaction with humans, looking into their eyes, having a conversation and trusting them. Whomever you choose to work with on your home renovation, realize that you are going to be dealing with them for quite some time. A truly great design-build company is one that you can trust.

I’m not saying you should sign up for with your renovators, but truly, it’s an intense interaction. It’s also a trust relationship, so choose wisely.

We’ll Make Your Renovation Smooth and Stress-Free

At Copperstone Kitchens & Renovations, my design-build team and I aim to make your renovation as smooth and stress-free as possible. After all, this is supposed to be exciting!

We’re excited about discussing your project; just book your free consultation below.

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