Beyond Bathroom Inspiration

How do you go from looking at dozens of different bathroom images to creating the perfect bathroom for your home and your needs and tastes? While there are dozens of things to consider, these key factors will help you get started.

1. Is it Functional and Safe for All Ages?

From toddlers through teens to seniors, needs change. A well designed bathroom will have options so that little ones can safely reach everything, and elders can independently care for themselves for as long as possible. Finishes should be chosen for good traction when wet if they’re on the floor, and resistance to moisture everywhere. Whether you’re selling your home or staying, putting thought into the unique conditions in a bathroom will help ensure a successful design.

2. Is it a Full Bathroom or a Power Room?

A full bathroom (ensuite or not) will need to harmonize with the rest of the home, and provide a place of shelter, self-care, and relaxation. In a powder room, you can have a little more fun with finishes and fixtures if you’re looking for a chance to exercise your creativity.

3. What About Storage Options?

One of the biggest challenges in bathroom design lies in finding storage space for grooming products, towels, and other supplies. Thankfully there are more options in cabinetry than ever before, so that you can make the most of the room you have without creating visual clutter.

We’ve seen a lot of well-intentioned bathroom designs that create problems for the families who use them. With one of our design experts at your side, you can rest easy knowing your bathroom renovation project will be an absolute success. You can learn more about our services and design process here.

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