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It’s All About The Details – Custom Cabinetry

When it comes to cabinetry, there are so many opportunities to customize your own project. Here at Copperstone, we like to work with custom cabinetry if our clients have the budget. Custom cabinets allow us to squeeze in additional storage (we always need more storage, right?), or simply to get the exact look we’re going for.

Benefits to Using Custom Cabinetry

There are so many benefits to having a custom fit. You can see examples of how we’ve used custom cabinetry in the photos below.

1. Sizing to Avoid Wasted Space

We can order cabinetry in any size we want – up to 1/16th of an inch. This means less wasted space in fillers and is particularly helpful if your space is an odd shape or on the small side.

2. Colours

We have hundreds of standard stain and paint colours and we can even colour match a Benjamin Moore paint colour to find just the right shade.

3. Wood Varieties

We have different wood species that we work with and can specify things like what direction we want the woodgrain to run.

4. The Biggie – Storage

There are a plethora of storage solutions that require very specific cabinetry specs. We can source and pair the right solutions for you:

  • Corner cabinet pullouts
  • Garbage/recycling solutions
  • Vegetable bins
  • Tray storage
  • Concealed knife blocks
  • Concealed lighting
  • Pull-down, pull-up, and slide-out mechanisms … and many more!

The options we have at Copperstone with custom cabinetry means we can create something unique and just for you. This will manifest both in aesthetic design as well as functional storage that will work well for however YOU use your space.

Using Custom Cabinetry to Solve Design Problems…Or Just Because They Look Great

Here are a few examples of how we’ve used custom cabinetry in our design solutions for our clients. 

custom cabinetry

Goodman Project – A custom hood became the statement piece of the kitchen, creating a focal point that the room really needed. The design possibilities for something like this are endless. To see more of this project click here.

custom hood

Moorcroft Project – A series of magazine/book shelves gave us an opportunity to take an awkward edge and create an ever-changing point of interest. It became a central communication point for the family, who use this area to drop off bills and to leave messages for each other. To see more of this kitchen click Here


dark maple cabinetry with farm sink and details


Royal Orchard Project – This base moulding detail is designed to give the illusion of  furniture feet and gently highlights and draws the eye to the apron front sink. 

custom bench seating with drawers Bench seating doubles as drawer storage. Depending on the home owners, something like this can be made any height to accommodate different situations. 
above fridge kitchen storage Custom dividers above the fridge are built for specific items. To see more of this kitchen, click Here.


white kitchen sitting areaRoseglen Project – Small drawers sitting on the countertop at this built-in table is a perfect spot for stationary, pens or even salt and pepper. To see more of this project, click Here.


basement with built in under stair storage

Porcupine Trail Project – Cabinetry has been recessed under the stairs, the ideal spot to gain some additional storage. To see more of this project, click Here.

white transitional kitchen with cambria Torquay quartz countertops

Cimarron Project – An integrated custom cabinetry door panel was fitted on the front of the fridge and the dishwasher to conceal the appliances. To see more of this project, click Here.

It’s All in the Details

Sometimes it’s a little tweak to the design to create visual balance on each side of the room or choosing a cabinetry colour that’s a shade darker that can make all the difference to a final design.

No matter what type of renovation project you have in mind, working with a designer that has an eye for detail can make all the difference in the final result.

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.
-Giorgio Armani

Our Designers Can Take Care of All the Details

There’s a lot to think about when you decide to use custom cabinets. Our talented designers can go over all the details with you, and deliver results that are beautiful and functional.

Get started today by booking your free consultation. We’ll meet with you to go over your project, our process, and how we can help make your renovation a resounding success.

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