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10 Things to Consider for Your New Kitchen Layout

The best kitchen layout for you and your family will likely be different than what might be ideal for your neighbour. When we are designing and planning a new layout, we want to get to know how you use the space, what habits you have, and what we can do to make your kitchen as functional as possible for you.

Here are ten things you may want to consider when planning your new kitchen layout:

Should I Put A Sink In My Island Or Peninsula?

Some people want to move the sink into a kitchen island so they can have a view into other rooms when working at the sink. Others prefer to keep the sink along the perimeter of the kitchen to keep the mess and dirty dishes out of sight. Of course, nobody wants to be hitting their head on their kitchen cabinets when doing the dishes. If you decide to keep your sink along the perimeter, we have several options for cabinets that can be put above a sink to help with a functional kitchen space.

Beaverwood Prep Sink

Beaverwood Prep Sink

Will Upgrading My Microwave To A Microwave/Convection Oven Make My Life Easier?

Having a microwave that you can also cook with (convection oven) offers an additional cooking option, especially when hosting larger dinners. These microwaves are typically larger than standard countertop options and are placed in either a base cabinet or a pantry style cabinet at a convenient height.

Is It Better To Have A Single Or Double Bowl Sink?

A lot of this has to do with how you like to wash your dishes. If you are short on space with a small kitchen, it’s worth considering a single bowl sink. Besides the space savings, it will be easier for you to wash larger pots and pans.

What Other Activities Take Place In Your Kitchen?

Every household is unique. For some, it could be helpful to have space for homework others may want space for office work or paying bills. We may consider planning a convenient spot to plug in a laptop or a charging station. Perhaps there are some crafts/hobbies, display areas or a designated coffee bar that would help create a space that’s perfect for you.

How Can I Improve The Functionality Of The Kitchen Prep Areas? 

Sometimes there are things that you can’t wait to change, a tight corner or positioning of something that just isn’t working for you. If you are unsure of what could be better, discuss it with your designer, we always have ideas to share.

Are You Drawn To Symmetry Or Asymmetry?

If you have thoughts on this, share it with your designer early on. We’ll do what we can to come up with a layout you’ll love.

Whitaker Kitchen Symmetrical Kitchen Design

Whitaker Kitchen Symmetrical Kitchen Design

Do You Want To Sit In Your Kitchen?

Is it better to have seating in a separate table, or what about stools at an island or peninsula? If the dining room is adjacent, you may feel less need for seating in the kitchen for the whole family.

I’ve Seen Wall Ovens Or Double Wall Ovens, Are They Right For You?

Wall ovens offer a fabulous look; however, they also take up wall space and take away from what could be counter space. It is best to evaluate if you have the additional wall space for this and if it will reduce the countertop workspace to see if it’s right for you.

Can Traffic Patterns Be Improved?

Ideally, any traffic flow patterns should be in areas that aren’t part of the kitchen “work zones”. If your space can’t accommodate this, having a wider walkway clearance may be necessary.

Quincy Kitchen Design

Quincy Kitchen Design

Why Your Fridge Needs A “Landing Zone”.

With a single door fridge, you can use the countertop beside the fridge as the landing zone. However, a double door fridge typically has doors that are quite deep and bulky, and when open blocks the countertop directly beside the refrigerator. In these instances, having an island or peninsula in front of the fridge can offer a convenient spot for loading and unloading.

We’re Here To Help.

A new kitchen can add value and functionality to your home, but the entire process can feel daunting. If you live within the Ottawa area and are considering a kitchen renovation, we’d love to talk! Our talented design team has worked with hundreds of clients to help take their wishlist and create a new kitchen design that will work best for their needs – and look great at the same time. 

That’s the great thing about a custom kitchen renovation – the choice is up to you.

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