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How Do I Make My Bathroom Space Feel Bigger?

Your bathroom should feel like a sanctuary, your fortress of solitude. You shouldn’t have to feel like the walls are closing in around you. There are a lot of powder rooms that feel more like a linen closet than a bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home or preparing to sell real estate, it’s important to create a proper bathroom setting. The main key is creating light. When more light fills a room, your eyes create the impression of a larger space. Follow these 7 steps to make your bathroom space feel bigger.

1. White on White

Painting your bathroom a flashy colour could look nice in theory. But in reality, choosing white for your bathroom setting is a better option to make your bathroom space feel bigger. Using darker colours absorb can light.

Combined with natural light, using light colours in any room creates an optical illusion and makes any room look more spacious. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have a window, white colours make your room more reflective, creating an open atmosphere and added additional light to your room.

To create a white atmosphere in your bathroom:

  • Install light coloured countertops, sinks, drawers and cabinets
  • Paint walls white or a light colour


2. Proper Lighting

When renovating a small room, proper lighting is something to consider, especially if you don’t have a window. It reduces the shadows in a room and like white colours, creates an optical illusion making your bathroom space feel bigger.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should cram thousands of lights into one bathroom. When considering installing proper lighting, you need to think about the quality and placement of the light. We suggest placing your lights beside your mirrors or in your ceiling.

There are different kinds of lights that can create the proper lighting in your bathroom:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Hanging lights
  • LED lights
  • Wall sconces

3. Large Mirrors

This step ties in with proper lighting. Other than giving you the ability to notice that ketchup stain on your face, a mirror’s job is to reflect light. Whether from the natural light coming in from your window or your properly installed lights, the reflected light creates the illusion that your bathroom space feels bigger.

The bigger the mirror, the more light that’s reflected in your bathroom. Also, the large mirror’s reflection creates the illusion that you’ve doubled in size, displaying a reversed copy of your bathroom setting.

4. In-Wall Shelves

Are you still stubbing your toe on that shelf? To avoid any future pain and creating a bigger bathroom space at the same time, install in-wall shelves. 

Doing so creates extra room while improving your storage space. It can be hard to find efficient locations to store all your bathroom supplies. In-wall shelves allow you to organize your bathroom without taking up unneeded space. Plus they look good as well.

5. Floating Toilet & Sink

Before you start believing we’re living in the future, your toilet or sink isn’t suspended in the air. They’re simply not supported by anything attached to the ground. Both floating toilets and sinks are attached to the wall. 

Not only do they draw the eye, but they create a bigger space in your bathroom by taking away the ground support that utilities usually attribute. A floating toilet creates a little spot under the toilet to place your reading material or fresh towels. And a floating sink creates more space by moving pipes and drains into the wall.

6. Glass Showers

Instead of an ugly shower curtain, improve your bathroom’s design by installing a glass shower door. The glass shower also reflects light, creating a more spacious bathroom atmosphere. You can choose either clear or frosted glass, as well as opening doors or sliding doors. But, what if you own a bathtub?

7. Remove Your Bathtub

Removing your bathtub will definitely create more open space in your bathroom, obviously because of the size. Simply installing a shower, without the tub, can look more aesthetically pleasing and spacious.

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom is usually the place in your house where you start and end your day. Your bathroom setting could affect the entire mood of your day. It’s important to create an open and spacious bathroom atmosphere that speaks tranquillity and euphoria.

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