From Renovation Inspiration to a Successful Completion

Any kind of renovation project must add to the beauty and functionality of your home while you’re in it, and add to its value when it’s time to sell. Planning a renovation is a complex process with many steps, but you can help ensure a successful outcome by keeping these things in mind.

1. Start With a Clear Problem to Solve

No matter how simple the project, having a specific description of the problem(s) will help lead to a successful solution. For example, “This room is too dark and everything is worn and scratched” is clearer than “this room looks ugly”. For more complex projects, like moving a wall or building a new addition, you should write down all the problems the project will need to solve. It can really make the difference between finding an OK solution and finding the perfect one.

2. How Will the Renovation Work With the Rest of Your Home?

Whether you’re adding to your home or changing an existing space, a project needs to fit your house and the people who live there. Thinking about how it will harmonize or contrast stylistically, and how it will connect in terms of traffic flow. On a more down-to-earth level, a home has many systems – structural, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and more. Your project will need to have a plan for how these systems will be integrated.

3. Designing to Stand the Test of Time

Is your project just the beginning if a series of changes? Thinking about how the new space fits into your long term vision for the home is essential. If you also know how the new space will appeal to buyers if you ever sell your home, you’ll ensure you get full value for your money.

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