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What To Expect During a Kitchen Renovation

If the thought of living without your kitchen terrifies you, try practicing some deep breathing, and hopefully the following will help relax you.

It can be a big deal to live without your kitchen! Creating space to set up a temporary kitchen will help with preparing food, but it can be an upheaval to the household. Space can also be a concern, your existing kitchen items will all need to be moved out of the kitchen, space will need to be cleared to store the new cabinetry while it acclimatizes, and in most cases your new appliances will need to be delivered very early on in the project. Your designer will be able to help you figure out what should go where if needed.

Every job is a bit different, but in general, the renovation process takes about 5-8 weeks. You’ll get your own personalized schedule, but here is what most jobs look like

1st Day – This is the BIG day you’ve been waiting for, the Copperstone team is also always excited for these days! If you are able to be at home for the first bit of the morning you can meet the guys. They can answer any questions that you may have. We will be doing tearout and prepping the space for what comes next. At the end of the day you’ll see some major changes.

Electrical & Plumbing Rough-in – These tend to be the start of a more boring stretch. Youll see some changes, new lighting locations etc.

Framing & Drywall – If you’ve got a larger component of drywall, then you’ll start to see a more complete room at this point.

Flooring – We are starting to get into the ‘pretty’ stuff. It can be exciting to see the first finish material in the room.

Drywall Sanding – Sanding of drywall can happen at various times in the project, and this is definitely the least liked part for everyone. Drywall dust has an amazing ability to float everywhere in the house, despite the precautions we take. You may find it upstairs in your closet, and you will probably momentarily curse us, but we cross our fingers, hoping that when you see more exciting things happening in the kitchen, you’ll forgive us. It’s also a pretty good excuse to hold off on cleaning for a bit!

Cabinetry Installation – This will happen pretty fast, some huge changes in a day or two.

Countertop Template – The countertop template marks a landmark time for your project. We are now in a waiting period, the countertops generally take between 10-15 business days to be fabricated. You’ll see less of us during this time.

Electrical Finish – This is something we can do while waiting for the countertop and seeing the new lights installed can sometimes be a dramatic change.

Countertop Install – This is an exciting day! If you are home for this installation, it can be fascinating to watch the process. Both to see the slabs being carried in, and the application process of any seams.

Backsplash Installation, Plumbing Connections – Almost done!

Appliance Install, Final Door/Drawer Adjustments, Finishing Touches – Woohoo!

We’re With You From Day One to Done

Throughout your renovation, the Copperstone Kitchens management team will be very involved. We’ll be at your home often, taking a peek at the progress, bringing materials, and touching base with both you and the installation team.

You’ll have our attention from the day your renovation starts to the day it ends.

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