What Does This Company Look Like To Me – (The Owner)

I’m the type of person that has to ‘sleep on it’ before I make any big decision. You can bet that it took many nights of contemplation before I decided to finally start Copperstone Kitchens, and later, Copperstone Renovations. I wanted to create companies that I could be proud of, and for me, that meant focusing on improving people’s lives, by improving their homes, resulting in lasting relationships with our clients. So when asked what this company looks like, I don’t see a hierarchy, I don’t even see the great projects we’ve done. I see the people that have come together to create something that I feel is very unique.


Our entire team wants to thrive by creating a renovation experience that results in our clients becoming enthusiastic advocates.


Genuinely enthusiastic…it can be a lofty goal to get our conservative Canadian natures to be enthusiastic, but that’s what my aim is. The most important ingredient is getting the right team of people. When I’m looking to add someone new, I’m looking for much more than job skills or experience, those things can be learned. It’s more important to find people that want to make a difference to others. They have to recognise that they are uniquely contributing to a bigger project, and their piece, although it may be small, has a big role in delivering to the customer a better home.


Our customers are likewise chosen carefully. Someone who is just looking for a cheap, fast change is not our ideal client. We actively look for people that want to take the time to become educated and help them make the best choices for their lifestyle when planning a renovation. We want to take the time to work with the client to provide real value, and we want clients that will appreciate that and work with us to give them a better home. Therefore, the design and planning portion of the project can be time consuming, but we recognize that it is the most important phase, and the client should never be rushed to make a commitment. This is the time where both the client and the company need to work together to establish the mutual benefit of seeing the project through to its fruition.


When it comes time to execute the project, we work hard to treat the customer’s home with the importance that it deserves. Sometimes this can be difficult because, in reality, it becomes a construction site. This is where having the right types of construction team members becomes so crucial. Everyone on the team understands that despite the work zone, it is a home, and is very important to the people that live there. Also, in keeping with our Core Values, we work diligently to meet or exceed all expectations that we have set with our clients. Our word, our integrity, is extremely important to each one of us.


We want to take the fear out of the renovation experience. We want to create lasting relationships with each of our clients so that as life changes, and time passes, we are the ones you call when you need help on your next project. This underlying belief permeates everything we do. From the people I hire, to the way we communicate, to the way we act when we are in a client’s home. People are important, and we strive to make their homes more enjoyable to live in.


Mark Wardrop