How To Select a Toilet

At some point in our lives, most homeowners are faced with having to buy a new toilet. But gosh, darn, there are so many choices. When you start looking around you’ll see a huge range in pricing. It doesn’t take long to wonder how much you need to spend to get something of quality, because having to fix a leak can be far more costly.
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The Advantages of Skylights and Suntunnels

When one of our renovation experts first put a skylight in his own family home many years ago, he did it as a solution to a dark attic that he wanted to make into livable space. He was looking to create more usable square footage for a master bedroom in a small home to accommodate a growing family.
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Appliance Tips

In the quest for a lovely, functional, new kitchen, appliances are one of the first things you should be considering, although we recommend not purchasing them until after your final kitchen plan is complete. There are a myriad of options…
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How Working With a Project Manager Can Help You

Every renovation project has complexities. Small projects can easily be managed by the homeowner, but as the scope of the project scales up, it reaches a point where the homeowner either does not have the time and/or the expertise to effectively manage it. This tipping point is different for everyone.
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Why Working With a Designer is a Must

So what can a Designer contribute to your project? Well, MANY things. Of course it depends on the scope of your project, and how much you want to be involved. You can have your Designer partner with you in varying degrees.
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