Why a Written Contract is Important


Isn’t it interesting how two people can recollect the same conversation so differently? This can happen minutes after the conversation occurred, never mind months after. It is compounded by the fact that often people understand the meaning of words quite differently. Then, throw in unstated assumptions and it’s a wonder that people ever agree on anything…


When it comes to renovating your home it is so important that everything be as clear as possible. This means writing out as much as you can, clearly stating any assumptions, and outlining how you will deal with instances where you find that you and your renovator have a different understanding of something. This can save so much stress weeks or months down the road when your renovation is coming to fruition and there is something that doesn’t quite line up with what you were expecting.


Putting all the details into written form at the start of a project is really painful, for both you and the renovator. You may not want to make so many decisions up front, the renovator is anxious to just get going (there is an excitement for both parties for the new and amazing project that is about to commence), and both sides may have a tendency to feel that itemizing all the details displays mistrust. No one wants to enter a relationship that way.


On the other hand, clearly documenting as much as possible, in writing, for future reference, displays a level of consideration and respect for the other party. It recognizes that all communication is fraught with the risk of misunderstanding, and by taking proactive steps to minimize this risk the parties are showing that they care about having a long-term positive relationship.


Always expect, and demand, clear concise written agreements and communications. This will help immensely in creating a renovation project that you will look back on with positive memories.