Copperstone were absolutely fantastic. From providing the initial amazing design to performing the decommissioning of the former kitchen cabinetry and countertops, providing all of the electrical wiring, light installation, plumbing, windows, duct work venting to final prep, paint, grouting and cocking... OMG... I've been truly blessed. 

Just like on the PGA Tour..."These guys are good"!!. If a reference is ever required...I'll certainly be the cheer leader for sure. NEVER any issues...everyone showed up as expected...never ANY waiting, and every day the new kitchen came together.

Copperstone knows kitchens and they possess the absolute best trades in the industry (Ottawa). Highly recommend their services. Great price points were also appreciated as well. If I had to do it all over again, the only change I would make would be to have called them years ago so I could have been experiencing my 'dream come true' for several years now.

— David2015

Lindsey, Norm, Jeff, Ron, Matt and all the contractors at Copperstone Kitchen were wonderful to work with. Very professional and skilled. My husband and I received the kitchen of our dreams. From start to finish the whole team was great... Would highly recommend their services.

— Nicole & Jim2016

You are in good hands with Copperstone. Shannon Callaghan is a remarkable, knowledgeable designer who was able to translate our vague statements of what we did and did not want in a new bathroom into a gorgeous oasis that more than meets our needs. We have double the storage in what feels like twice the space. The shower and squarish-bottomed tub combination gives us the feel of a proper shower that is not just a shower head in a bathtub. The installation team, led by Norm Schilder and Jeff Gibson, designed an installation plan that gave us our shower back quickly, and completed the whole job very fast - not only with an absolute minimum of disruption or mess, but also with innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the house itself. Every member of their team was a pleasure to have in the house. I appreciated being kept informed of when work was going to be done, and found the collaborative software the team uses to be easy to adapt to and a great way to communicate.

— Greg & Claude2016

This was the second project undertaken with Copperstone, obviously an indication of complete satisfaction with the first. From the very first contact with designer Lindsey through every single interaction with all the Copperstone staff to the detailed interactions with project manager Stacy, all was handled professionally and very respectfully of the needs of the client. There were no contract surprises and the work was completed on time. Lindsey offered wonderful insight along the way; all of the staff provided great service and a caring attitude; and Stacy did an excellent job at keeping us fully informed and managing the day-to-day evolution of the project. Looking forward to project #3! 

— Barbara & Paul2017

Having spent the past several years scouring magazines, “Pinterest” and “Houzz” for kitchen ideas and ready to embark on this rather daunting renovation, we began the search for a company that would be able to help us design and renovate our kitchen.   Copperstone’s name came up in conversation with a friend.   After looking at their website, which was very informative with respect to what one could expect throughout the renovation process, we dropped into the showroom, where we met Shannon.  Although we were just starting to “look”, within 15 minutes we had a sense of what the kitchen could be, within the price range we had to work with, as well as a feeling that Shannon and this company would be a good fit for us.  And without a doubt, it was. I had worried that what I had envisioned might not be possible, however Shannon’s creativity and knowledge of kitchen design, provided us with a plan that was beyond my expectations, including the upcycling and incorporating of our old kitchen table into the island! 

With Norm’s calm oversight, Jeff G’s coordination of ordering and scheduling, Ron’s, Jeff E’s, Matt’s and Roy’s exceptional skills and efficiency, the job was completed on time and on budget.  The contracted tradespeople were also very competent and professional.   Throughout  the experience, it was apparent that the Copperstone team are not only skilled and experienced but bring to your home a passion for their work, an ability to listen and respond to your needs, a respect for your space (and one another) and a true wish to ensure that you, the customer is happy, no matter what the “challenge”.   

With Copperstone’s help, we now have a beautiful and functional kitchen. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Copperstone Kitchens and look forward to having them help us with our next project.     

— Kim & Glen2017

This is a letter to thank you and your staff for a rewarding and highly successful kitchen renovation... We can't say enough about the crew who were assigned to us. They were polite, well informed and more than a little competent. They too were patient and ready to answer questions... Knowing ahead of time what was to happen and when helped is to organize ourselves. We never felt harried or frustrated... Leslie and I never hesitate to praise your company to others. Your company has made out lives so much easier and has transformed a tired and aged kitchen quite magically into something that will take us a delightfully long time to adjust to. Thank you once again and best wishes to you all.

— Leslie & Dan2017

Hey guys,
By the way, I wanted to say that I never could have predicted that I would say this about my basement but:  I LOOOVE it.  I sometimes go downstairs and look around and sigh 🙂

And WOW were you guys ever right (and awesome!) in your advice in the flooring.  So glad you talked me out of the laminate !!!  The floor is PERfect for the amount of kid activity it's been taking !!!

Thanks so much for the quality of life improvement !  You guys do awesome work!

— Sandhya2015

In the summer of 2015 my wife and I purchased a home in Kanata that needed lots of work (installation of hardwood flooring, electrical and plumbing work, wall framing and load bearing reinforcement). We hired Copperstone (Norm Schilder was our point guy) after getting tons of quotes. We picked Norm because he seemed the most knowledgeable, most friendly, and most straightforward. Norm was very accommodating and helped us save money wherever he could. Still, whenever you embark on such a huge job you worry that you found the right guy… We’ve hired general contractors before and always felt like we had been taken advantage of.

Now that the work is over I’m pleased to report that our initial assessments held true. Norm stuck to schedule (had the work done while we were away for a 1 week vacation) and budget. I especially appreciate how he kept us in the loop while we were away. For me, Norm perfectly balanced getting the work done (making minor decisions on the fly and asking for direction when issues arose. I like to consider myself a handy person. At the very least I have enough knowledge to know when a job is done poorly or well. The Copperstone guys do top notch work! I honestly still don’t understand how they accomplished some of the finer detail work.

In the end, their biggest selling point for me is trustworthiness. When Norm quotes me a price I feel good knowing that I’m not getting gouged and that the final price will match the quote pretty closely.  Copperstone is now our go to place for any work around the house that I can’t do myself.

— Niladri Roy and Simla Barki2015
From the very beginning it has been a pleasure (and fun) working with the Copperstone Kitchens "Team". It began with Jackie. We walked in off the street (with me indulging Jay since Plan A was IKEA!). Jackie advised us and came up with an affordable custom kitchen design - Jay was thrilled. As you know much of the planning was done via email since we were in the process of moving to Ottawa from Washington DC. But this was not an issue since the plans, responsibilities and financial arrangements were very clear. Then it was Lindsey's turn - the master of keeping the customer informed every step of the way. The on-site work was supervised by Marcus and carried out by Jeff, Jordan et al, plus sub-contractors for the granite counter top (Marlboro) and I understand the painting. We knew, even though for much of the work we were not at home (not even in the country), what was happening/or would happen and no one took anything for chance. For example we were impressed that Marlboro called us to their premises to inspect the granite counter top we had selected to make sure it was the right one before they began cutting. You had keys to our Condo and we were completely comfortable with that. And when I was here I was impressed that Jeff knocked on the door before entering (just in-case someone was at home - and I was on a few occasions). We were also very impressed that Marcus was always here, and lending a helping hand, if a sub-contractor was on site e.g. delivery and installation of the counter top. All workmen were fastidious about respecting our Condo and cleaned up after each work day. We have nothing but praise for the professionalism, friendly and courteous service, and first class work of Copperstone Kitchens. Jeff and Jordan, their work really done yesterday spent this morning ensuring that all cupboard drawers and doors were properly aligned. Wow! that is a hallmark of a company that is proud of its work. Thank You - we will go out of our way to recommend "Copperstone Kitchens".
— Graham and Jay2010

It's taken me so long to thank you because I've been cooking up a storm in my new wonderful kitchen! Not just cooking, but socializing, reading, reflecting, you name it, at the peninsula. It's because of you that everything works so smoothly. I, Joe, Fabray and my son when he's over, are glued to this room. Also, your surprise gift was really appreciated! Each item so thoughtfully chosen. Thanks! All the best as you continue your career designing beautiful places.. and in your role as a foster parent. Am so glad our paths crossed!

— Kay2010

Photo Diary of a Kitchen Renovation

Follow The Westwoods journey as they go through a Kitchen Renovation. The Westwoods wanted our professional expertise to make their dreams a reality. The layout and functionality worked, so the focus was to update the look. ...

This was the second project undertaken with Copperstone, obviously an indication of complete satisfaction with the first. From the very first contact with designer Lindsey through every single interaction with all the Copperstone staff to…
- Barbara & Paul, 2017