Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 10.10.2017

What Is RenoMark?

You may have heard of RenoMark or perhaps the logo looks familiar, but do you know why it’s important? RenoMark is a program used across Canada to help identify professional contractors who have agreed to abide by a renovation-specific Code of Conduct. The RenoMark program has been endorsed by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the… View Article...
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Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 03.08.2016

5.5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Design-Renovate Firm

As a verbose individual, with far too much information on Kitchens and Bathrooms 🙂 … its best for all, that I give to you any information and experiences in a Top ‘Blank’ format! I’d normally go with a ‘Top 10’…but 5 is shorter, and keep me focused on the points. NOW…I usually have the last ‘word’…so… View Article...
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Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 19.07.2016

Photo Diary of a Kitchen Renovation

Follow The Westwoods journey as they go through a Kitchen Renovation. The Westwoods wanted our professional expertise to make their dreams a reality. The layout and functionality worked, so the focus was to update the look. ...
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Renovation | 30.04.2016

Thinking About Adding a Income or In-Law Suite?

You may be an empty-nester, or one of the ‘sandwich generation’ of care takers – seeing your kids out of the house, then finding yourself with one or both of your aging parents coming to stay. ...
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Educational | 23.11.2015

How To Select a Toilet

At some point in our lives, most homeowners are faced with having to buy a new toilet. But gosh, darn, there are so many choices. When you start looking around you’ll see a huge range in pricing. It doesn’t take long to wonder how much you need to spend to get something of quality, because having to fix a leak can be far more costly....
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Renovation | 02.11.2015

The Advantages of Skylights and Suntunnels

When one of our renovation experts first put a skylight in his own family home many years ago, he did it as a solution to a dark attic that he wanted to make into livable space. He was looking to create more usable square footage for a master bedroom in a small home to accommodate a growing family....
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