Kitchen and Bath | 16.01.2018

It’s All About The Details – Custom Cabinetry

Sometimes it’s a little tweak to the design to create visual balance on each side of the room or choosing a cabinetry colour that’s a shade darker that can make all the difference to a final design. No matter what type of renovation project you have in mind, working with a designer that has an…
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Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 02.01.2018

How To Choose A Designer

  Successful renovations require a reputable renovation company, but today let’s explore what makes a great designer for YOU. When it comes to planning a renovation, most industry experts would agree, the design is the most important element to a project and takes precedence over material choice. If you plan to stay in your home…
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Kitchen and Bath | 22.12.2017

Start Fresh or Consider Refacing?

What is the tipping point between new cabinets and refacing? So, you walk into your kitchen each day with less enthusiasm than the last. It’s dated – maybe the finish is worn off in places, the drawers don’t slide well anymore and you can’t fit in that lovely new french door fridge you’ve been coveting…
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Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 10.10.2017

What Is RenoMark?

You may have heard of RenoMark or perhaps the logo looks familiar, but do you know why it’s important? RenoMark is a program used across Canada to help identify professional contractors who have agreed to abide by a renovation-specific Code of Conduct. The RenoMark program has been endorsed by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the…
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Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 03.08.2016

5.5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Design-Renovate Firm

As a verbose individual, with far too much information on Kitchens and Bathrooms 🙂 … its best for all, that I give to you any information and experiences in a Top ‘Blank’ format! I’d normally go with a ‘Top 10’…but 5 is shorter, and keep me focused on the points. NOW…I usually have the last ‘word’…so…
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Kitchen and Bath, Renovation | 19.07.2016

Photo Diary of a Kitchen Renovation

Follow The Westwoods journey as they go through a Kitchen Renovation. The Westwoods wanted our professional expertise to make their dreams a reality. The layout and functionality worked, so the focus was to update the look.
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Educational | 23.11.2015

How To Select a Toilet

At some point in our lives, most homeowners are faced with having to buy a new toilet. But gosh, darn, there are so many choices. When you start looking around you’ll see a huge range in pricing. It doesn’t take long to wonder how much you need to spend to get something of quality, because having to fix a leak can be far more costly.
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